Current Projects

We like to call ourselves “The Home of the Rainbow PET” because we paint our PETs bright cheerful colors as you can see in these photos.  Living a life in the dirt is drab and dreary.  In addition to lifting them out of the dirt, our PETs are painted bright cheerful colors they can be proud to own and operate.

There is a trip planned by P.E.T. to distribute vehicles in Guatemala in April. If you are interested, go to their website For more information.

We are pleased to announce that we have been
able to raise enough funds to purchase nine P.E.T. units!

Our P.E.T. sample is visiting the Smyrna United Church of Christ in Canby, Oregon!

Food Bank Project

The September pantry item will be PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY
Please help fill the shopping cart in the Roberts room.


 Please help fill the shopping cart in
the Roberts room.


The Mission Commission is asking for supplies to help Haven keep their clients provided
with necessities for living and working in the community. Look for the big box in the Narthex.

HAVEN Safe-house Needs! The Mission Committee is asking for collections to
benefit the local HAVEN organization. There will be a big box located in the Narthex for the items.

Collection is for the month of May.

• Big Cooking Pot

• Microwave

• Baking sheets

• Can opener

• Draino (other drain cleaner)

• Oven Cleaner

• Mop and bucket

• Hand Soap

• Dish cloths and sponges

• Paper Towels

• Hand towels

• Queen Mattress pads (2)

• New Pillows

• Tampons and pads

• Deodorant

• Full size- shampoo, conditioner and body wash

• Laundry baskets

• Bagless vacuum

• Gender neutral baby clothes

Ongoing Needs

                      • Batteries (AAA,AA)
                      • Paper Towels
                      • Dish Soap
                      • Plates, Cups, Glasses, Bowls
                      • Utensils
                      • 2014 Calendars
                      • Pots/Pans
                      • Nonperishable food
                      • Gift Cards

We contribute throughout the year to the High School Backpack Project.
Donations are assembled at the Methodist Church so that students can
obtain weekend backpacks to make sure that they have food over the
weekend.  If they have siblings, they are included in the weekend backpack project.

Backpack program pantry needs re-stocking

Last school year, the backpack program served about 864 meals. This year, the program will include all schools in district 21. Please help restock their pantry located at the First United Methodist church. We will take donations here at our location (look for the big box) and take it over before the start of school.


  • Canned green beans
  • Canned corn
  • Jam and jelly
  • Pancake syrup
  • Canned milk
  • Small size mac and cheese
  • Pastas
  • Small size tuna or canned meat
  • Soup
  • Powdered milk
  • Crackers
  • Dried beans
  • Smaller size pasta sauce
  • Breakfast bars

community meals logo

Community Meal was incorporated with the Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division,
on October 12, 1983 to provide a free, wholesome meal,
on a regular basis, to anyone in the community in need of a meal. Community Meal is
a non-profit corporation and is tax exempt pursuant to the
provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

Members of the church assist with the Community Meals throughout the year.
Our next schedule days to help are August 25th and November 3rd.
Helpers should be there at 3:30 p.m. Please call the Church Office for more information.

state office building headerThis was a labor of love project that the church was very happy to work on. Volunteers cleaned out two rooms and then painted colorful animals on the walls, added slip covers to the couch, brought in toys, and more.  This created a warm and friendly environment for children in foster care to meet with their parents during visitation time. Wow! What a difference from the drab grey walls!